Walking in Galway: on the roads of Irish greenery

Galway is a beautiful city that captivates all visitors with its leafy atmosphere. From the River Corrib to the Long Walk and some of its impressive landmarks, there is no shortage of places to explore in this vibrant destination. The city offers many miles of inviting tree-lined and river lined walkways, an idyllic setting perfect for immersing yourself in the depths of traditional Irish greenery. Stop off at one of Galway’s many restaurants or grab a bite to eat in a cafe before or after your walk and enjoy all that this picturesque city has to offer!

Taking your time at Eyre Square

Eyre Square, also known as the John F. Kennedy Memorial Park is a must-see when visiting Galway, Ireland. This public park is located in the heart of the city, next to the shopping area and the railway station. It offers visitors a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle and is easy to find as it is surrounded on three sides by streets that form the main traffic arteries of Galway city centre. The west side of Eyre Square was renovated as a pedestrian zone in 2006, so that visitors can explore its areas safely without worrying about traffic.

A refreshing walk through Barna Woods

Barna Woods is an ideal place to explore for anyone visiting Galway, Ireland. Located just 3 miles from the city centre, close to Galway Bay, Barna Woods is made up of mixed deciduous trees and is accessible from Cappagh Park in Knocknacara or from Barna Road where there is a small car park. Visitors will enjoy exploring the woods on foot and discovering authentic rural Irish scenery along the way. Whether you choose to spend an afternoon walking in the woods or simply enjoy the views on a clear day, Barna Woods is certainly one of the places to visit in Galway.

Wonder in Merlin Park Woods

Merlin Woods Park is one of the most unique places to visit near Galway. Over 164 hectares of woodland have been carefully tended by man throughout the twentieth century and state-regulated guards ensure that the park remains untouched. Here you can enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of nature as you stroll through the park, surrounded by Norwegian pines, hazel trees, beech trees, sycamores or even towering oaks. The flora and fauna also deserve a special mention: red squirrels are common in the trees and, if you are lucky, you may spot badgers, foxes or deer. An abundance of birds add their euphony to this peaceful paradise. All in all, Merlin Woods Park is a must-visit destination when in Galway.

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