The best Escape Rooms to try on a trip to Galway

Are you on holiday in Galway and looking for a unique activity? Try one of the city’s escape rooms! Escape rooms offer an immersive problem-solving experience, perfect for groups of friends or families. From a game that places players in a secret hideout with only an hour to solve puzzles and decode clues before their mission is complete, to immersive virtual reality escape games, you are spoilt for choice in Galway! Whichever game you choose, Galway offers a great selection of places to visit during your trip.

Escape from the popular Great Escape Rooms

The places to visit in Galway don’t get more exciting and unique than this! Take part in a real-life escape game and test your mind with the ultimate challenge. Working with your team, you must find the hidden objects, decipher the clues and put the puzzle together in record time, all in 60 minutes! Perfect for a family fun day or a special occasion, this escape room offers the perfect opportunity to test your competitive spirit and communication skills. What’s more, the creative gameplay promotes teamwork like no other experience, making Great Escape Rooms the perfect choice for team building events. So why wait? Challenge yourself and see if you can escape in sixty minutes!

Have a good time at Open The Door Escape Room

Open The Door Escape Room is a very famous fun place to visit in Galway, it offers an innovative, exciting and still unconventional way to spend time with family and friends. Players are given only a short time to solve puzzles strategically placed around the room, forcing them to search for clues, use the objects around them and find logical solutions. True to its reputation for creating tension through the ticking of the clock, this game requires agility, intelligence, creativity, quick thinking and problem solving skills, all of which combine to make it a highly entertaining experience. The only mission: Escape before time runs out!

Experience the Black 11 Escape Room Galway

Places to visit in Galway don’t get much more exciting than the Black 11 Escape Room! In this immersive experience, you and your team will be locked in one of their themed rooms and race against the clock to find the exit by solving the mystery. In just 60 minutes, you will test your group collaboration skills. When you get out, a sense of exhilaration and accomplishment is guaranteed! Try it with your family, friends, teammates or colleagues and have an adventurous time that no one will soon forget. Hundreds of lucky teams have already taken up the challenge.

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