Cabinet of curiosities: unusual places to visit in Galway

Galway is a beautiful city in the west of Ireland, renowned for its stunning scenery, rolling hills and vibrant culture. What you may not know about Galway is that there are many unique places to visit outside of the typical tourist attractions. Places like the Clew Bay Archaeological Trail is a great way to explore the history of the area. All these less traditional places make Galway a special destination, with something for everyone!

Enjoying good Irish Whiskey at Micil Distillery

Among the places to visit in Galway, there is certainly the Micil distillery, with its almost 170 years of history and the family passion for whisky making! The distillery is named after Micil Mac Chearra, who started distilling poitín on a hill in Connemara in 1848. Since then, the success of the distillery has grown over the years, and has been passed down through 6 generations of the same family. The business is still thriving today, producing amazing spirits built around traditional family recipes and excellent craftsmanship. All of these creations are inspired by the finest ingredients available in Connemara. This is definitely a place to visit if you’re interested in a delicious craft whisky!

Discover the exciting Fisheries Watchtower Museum

Places to visit in Galway have become much more interesting with the opening of the Galway Fisheries Watchtower Museum in 2015. Following extensive restoration by the city’s Civic Trust, this unique historic building houses a museum and exhibition space that provides an insight into Galway’s deeply rooted river fishing heritage along the River Corrib. From original artefacts, memorabilia and photographs in the exhibition space to panoramic views of the River Corrib and Claddagh, it is no surprise that this treasured place has become a popular tourist attraction. The building dates back to 1853 and was created by the Ashworth family as part of their net fishing station project, giving visitors an extra touch of nostalgia when visiting this unique site.

Educational diversions to the Hall of the Red Earl

A visit to the Hall of the Red Earl is an educational diversions into Galway’s history, linking us to a time when Anglo-Norman earls were determined to colonise the country and assert their power. Its roots date back to the 13th century and it has a distinctive physical presence, set in a newly constructed building that testifies to its archaeological importance. Don’t miss this opportunity, explore the Red Earl’s Room for free and get a fascinating insight into what life was like in those days! Signs in English provide further details on how it was built, offering a unique insight and increasing our understanding of this piece of world history. It remains a must-see in Galway.

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